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Orient gets tender from Africa
Source: By Posted: Jun 24,2015 Views: 86

Many insulator manufacturers, insulator trading companies and insulator factories compete one bid project in Africa. After a long time for competition and participating, Orient Power gets tender from Africa.

Africa is a very high potential country, but electric power is not very developed in Africa, only twenty or thirty percentage of power supply.

Orient gets the tender from Africa

So it’s need a lot of invest on electric power. Then Africa is also a good market for insulator factory.

Orient Power insulators have already export to many Africa countries, such as:
South Africa
And we have very good cooperation with several international companies.

Just now, Orient won a Africa bid, we believe that orient power competitive price, good quality and good service must can be win more and more bids, especially for Africa.

Orient power is a professional insulator manufacturer, focus on insulator production since 1978, welcome to contact us if have any needs about insulators!

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