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  • ANSI 52-3 ceramic disc insulator
    ANSI 52-3 ceramic disc insulator
  • 51-1C polymer line post insulato
    51-1C polymer line post insulato
  • Electrical railway insulator
    Electrical railway insulator
  • Fiberglass guy strain insulator
    Fiberglass guy strain insulator
Electrical hardware fittings
  • Insulator fitting
    Name:Insulator fitting
    Material:|steel|aluminum |
    Application:Insulator fitting is the end fitting which used on the insulator, or assembled with the overhead line insulators. Insulator fittings also called insulator hardware fittings are used with electrical insulators.
  • Suspension clamp
    Name:Suspension clamp
    Material:|steel|aluminum |
    Application:Suspension clamp is used on the insulator suspension string to suspend the conductor, suspension clamps will assembly with armor rod to avoid the conductor damage.
  • Coupling hardware / link fittings
    Name:Coupling hardware / link fittings
    Material:|steel|aluminum |
    Application:Coupling hardware also called link fittings, they are used to link the suspension insulators into insulator string, coupling hardware link the insulators to the crossarm of the poles or towers and suspend or tension the conductor at the other end.
  • Conductor hardware
    Name:Conductor hardware
    Material:|steel|aluminum |
    Application:conductor hardware is used for protect the conductor or repair the conductors. Conductor hardware includes many types, such as repair sleeve, splicing sleeve, vibration damper, PG clamp etc.
  • Strain clamps/Tension clamp/deadend clamp
    Name:Strain clamps/Tension clamp/deadend clamp
    Material:|steel|aluminum |
    Application:And strain clamp was installed to tension tower or tension pole, the conductors bears tensile strength. So mostly the strength or failing load of strain clamp is higher than suspension clamp.
  • Preformed line hardware
    Name:Preformed line hardware
    Voltage:|under 1kv|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|300kv-500kv|above 500kv|
    Material:|steel|aluminum |
    Application:Preformed line hardware or preformed wire ties are a replacement of traditional line hardware, easy installation and good performance makes the preformed line hardware is popular used, which is also called preformed line fittings.
  • Pole line hardware
    Name:Pole line hardware
    Voltage:|under 1kv|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|
    Material:|steel|aluminum |
    Application:Pole line hardware also called pole line fittings includes metal assemblies, such as nuts, bolts, suspension clamps, damper and so on, which is made of steel or aluminum.
  • Transmission accessory
    Name:Transmission accessory
    Voltage:|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|300kv-500kv|above 500kv|
    Material:|steel|aluminum |
    Application:Transmission accessory or Transmission systems hardware can be divided into heat shrinkable cable termination kit and joints, cold shrinkable cable joints,crossarm for electrical poles, Aviation warning ball/power line maker illuminant power, power fittin
  • LV,MV and HV stay assembly
    Name:LV,MV and HV stay assembly
    Voltage:|under 1kv|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|300kv-500kv|above 500kv|
    Material:|steel|aluminum |
    Application:LV,MV and HV stay assembly is used to ensure the electrical pole to be straight and not declined. Normally it will be used on some distance between straight line poles and each angle or deadend poles to balance the strength.
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