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Conductor hardware

Material:|steel|aluminum |
Application:|Transmission|Distribution|Substation|Railway|Equipment|Pole line|Conductor|
Packing:carte,crate with pallet,carton with pallet,carton
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Conductor hardware fittings is used for protect the conductor or repair the conductors. Conductor hardware includes many types, such as repair sleeve, splicing sleeve, vibration damper, PG clamp etc.


Vibration Damper: Commonly used to control vibration of overhead conductors and OPGW

Repair Sleeve: For aluminum, al-alloy, ACSR, AACSR and alum weld conductors

Splicing Sleeve: To splice a wide range of conductors which include copper, copper covered steel, copper weld copper, galvanized steel and Amerductor.

PG clamp: Also named parallel groove clamp, especially used in transmission line to hold transmission conductors in parallel

Spacer dampers:to splice several bundle conductors

Preformed armor rod
application: protect the conductor from vibration, clamp compressive stress, abrasion, power arc

please contact us for more conductor hardware, we will choose suitable types for you.

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