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Coupling hardware / link fittings

Material:|steel|aluminum |
Application:|Transmission|Distribution|Substation|Railway|Pole line|
Packing:carte,crate with pallet,carton with pallet,carton
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Coupling hardware also called link fittings, they are used to link the suspension insulators into insulator string, coupling hardware link the insulators to the crossarm of the poles or towers and suspend or tension the conductor at the other end.

Coupling hardware


Common types of coupling hardware:
ball eye: Q-7,QP-7,QP-10,QP-12...
Ball eye with arcing horn holes

Ball clevis
ball clevis with arcing horn holes

Socket clevis eye
socket clevis eye: W-7A, W-7B,W-10,W-12...
socket clevis eye with arcing horn holes

U shackles: U-7,U-10,U-12,U-16,U-21...

Clevis clevis: Z-7,Z-10,Z-12,Z-16,Z-21...
clevis hinges

U bolt: U-1880,U-2080,U-2280...

Trunnion clevises, twisted strap

extensive link, eye link,extension rod, Adjusting plate,

Yoke plate

Compression lug

The features of coupling hardware:
material of the coupling hardware: casting iron, forged iron, hot dip galvanized type, copper, aluminium

coupling size: suitable for the insulator at insulator end, coupling each other among link fittings.

mechanical strength: 40KN,70KN,100KN, 120KN,160KN,210KN,240KN,300KN,400KN 500KN

when enquire the coupling hardware, the mechanical strength is a important parameter, coupling size and coupling length is necessary for some link fitting types. More information please contact Orient Power directly.

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