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Strain clamps/Tension clamp/deadend clamp

Material:|steel|aluminum |
Application:|Transmission|Distribution|Substation|Railway|Equipment|Pole line|Conductor|
Packing:carte,crate with pallet,carton with pallet,carton
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Strain clamp uses for transmission line construction and it was used to tension conductors and earth wires. And strain clamp was installed to tension tower or tension pole, the conductors bears tensile strength. So mostly the strength or failing load of strain clamp is higher than suspension clamp.


Bolted type strain clamps:


Material: galvanized ductile iron, aluminum alloy,
Suit to conductor: aluminum, al-alloy, ACSR, AAC, AAAC, steel cable with or without armor rods
Strength: 20kN, 40kN, 70kN, 80kN, 90kN, 120kN, 160kN, 210KN,300KN
bolts: 2 bolts, 3 bolts, 4 bolts, 5 bolts

Compression deadend clamp


material: same as the conductor it suits to
for high voltage tension strings
can't disassemble
high strength

Preformed strain clamp:

preformed strain clamp

preformed deadend clamp/tension clamp/guy grip:
Application: deadend fixing of overhead line conductor or ground wire or guy wire
material: galvanized steel, aluminium alloy, aluminium clad steel
replacement: can replace bolted type strain clamp
high strength: above 100% of rated conductor breaking load

ABC strain clamp: for conductor size 25-95mm2 neutral ABC cable

ABC strain clamp

more information about the strain clamp, deadend clamp, tension clamp, please contact us directly.

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