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  • ANSI 52-3 ceramic disc insulator
    ANSI 52-3 ceramic disc insulator
  • 51-1C polymer line post insulato
    51-1C polymer line post insulato
  • Electrical railway insulator
    Electrical railway insulator
  • Fiberglass guy strain insulator
    Fiberglass guy strain insulator
other type insulators
  • Surge arrester
    Name:Surge arrester
    Material:|porcelain|silicone rubber|
    Application:Surge arrester also called lightning arrester, and it is a device to protect electrical equipment from over-voltage transients caused by external (lightning) or internal (switching) events.
  • Fuse cutout
    Name:Fuse cutout
    Material:|porcelain|silicone rubber|
    Application:Fuse cutout also called power cutout or power fuse, and the cutout insulator is the insulating part of it. Fuse cutout are combination of fuse and switch, and designed to protect distribution transformers or surges.
  • Composite bushing insulator
    Name:Composite bushing insulator
    Voltage:|under 1kv|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|300kv-500kv|above 500kv|
    Material:|silicone rubber|
    Application:Composite bushing insulator can be used on transformers, switches, other electrical equipment, and substations. They also called hollow core composite insulators for their shape characteristics.
  • Ceramic bushing insulators
    Name:Ceramic bushing insulators
    Voltage:|under 1kv|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|300kv-500kv|above 500kv|
    Application:Ceramic bushing insulators are mainly used on device and plant construction. They also called porcelain hollow core insulators because they are hollow tubes, and the core is hollow part of the insulators.
  • Composite insulator end fitting
    Name:Composite insulator end fitting
    Application:Composite insulator end fitting is used to connect the insulators together to the poles, wires, crossarms, etc. The insulators have different composite insulator hardware fittings for different applications.
  • Fiber glass rod
    Name:Fiber glass rod
    Material:|glass|epoxy resin|
    Application:Fiber glass rod or fibreglass rods are the main part of composite insulators, and these high strength core rods play the role of supporting. An epoxy resin fibreglass rod has good performance in operation.
  • Epoxy resin insulators
    Name:Epoxy resin insulators
    Material:|epoxy resin|
    Application:Epoxy resin insulators also called epoxy support insulator or epoxy post insulator. Epoxy resin insulator is molded of flame resistant fiberglass-reinforced thermoset polyester molding compound.
  • Glass insulators
    Name:Glass insulators
    Voltage:|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|300kv-500kv|above 500kv|
    Application:Glass insulators are widely used in overhead line system like composite and porcelain suspension insulators, and toughened glass suspension insulators are the common types used for high voltage overhead lines.
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