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Composite bushing insulator

Voltage:|under 1kv|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|300kv-500kv|above 500kv|
Material:|silicone rubber|
Packing:carte,crate with pallet,carton with pallet,carton
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Composite bushing insulator is used in industry-specific solutions: Device and plant construction, such as switchgear, current and voltage converters, insulator bushings, surge arresters and cable end ferrules. Hollow core composite insulators voltage level is 1kv ~ 800 kV. Silicone hollow insulators production method is Injection method, LSR silicone rubber, Coiled FRP tubes for combined pressure and bending stress, which ensure their good quality.

Standards: IEC 61462, IEC 616742, IEEE 693, NEMA SG4


Composite bushing type insulator types:
1. Circuit breaker bushing
2. Voltage and current transformer hollow insulator
3. Capacitor hollow bushing insulator
4. Transformer bushing insulator
5. Circuit breaker hollow insulator
6. Outdoor cable end bushing
7. Oil immersed voltage transformer bushing
8. DIN transformer bushing insulator

Composite hollow insulators

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