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  • ANSI 52-3 ceramic disc insulator
    ANSI 52-3 ceramic disc insulator
  • 51-1C polymer line post insulato
    51-1C polymer line post insulato
  • Electrical railway insulator
    Electrical railway insulator
  • Fiberglass guy strain insulator
    Fiberglass guy strain insulator
porcelain insulators
  • Porcelain Post insulator
    Name:Porcelain Post insulator
    Application:Porcelain Post insulator (post type insulator) is used on overhead lines, stations and electrical systems as one main of electrical equipment. P13, P70 porcelain post type insulator is popular insulator made by wet process and dry process pocelain.
  • Cap and pin insulator
    Name:Cap and pin insulator
    Voltage:|under 1kv|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|300kv-500kv|above 500kv|
    Application:A Cap and pin insulator is an assembly of one or more shells with metallic cap and pin having means for direct and rigid mounting, also called cap and pin type insulator.
  • Porcelain Longrod insulator
    Name:Porcelain Longrod insulator
    Voltage:|under 1kv|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|
    Application:Porcelain Longrod insulator is one of special porcelain insulators made of high strength alumina porcelain, can withstand continuous or changing mechanical electrical and thermal influences.
  • Porcelain pin post insulator
    Name:Porcelain pin post insulator
    Application:Porcelain Pin post insulator is puncture insulator normally made of porcelain material, commonly voltage 20kv, 24kv, 33kv. Porcelain Pin post insulator has a big sheath to increase creepage distance and has the advantages of pin type insulator and line po
  • porcelain cutout insulator
    Name:porcelain cutout insulator
    Application:Cutout insulator is protection insulator, which is can protect the line circuit. The usage of cutout insulator is similar to fuse, also called fuse cutout insulator or drop-out fuse cutout insulator and can be divided into porcelain cutout insulator and p
  • Porcelain shackle insulator
    Name:Porcelain shackle insulator
    Voltage:|under 1kv|
    Application:Porcelain shackle insulator is an insulator for generally cylindrical form used for 220V, 400V, 1000V pole lines and fixed on tension rod and angle pole to supporting conductors and play an important role in insulating, also called porcelain butterfly ins
  • Porcelain coachscrew insulator
    Name:Porcelain coachscrew insulator
    Voltage:|under 1kv|
    Application:Porcelain coachscrew insulator is a hot stay insulator which is used on wooden electrical poles, is made of porcelain or plastics materials.
  • Porcelain stay insulator
    Name:Porcelain stay insulator
    Voltage:|under 1kv|
    Application:Porcelain stay insulator also called porcelain guy strain insulator / ceramic guy wire insulator is an insulator generally of elongated shape with two transverse holes or solts.
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