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Porcelain Longrod insulator

Voltage:|under 1kv|10kv-36kv|66kv-69kv|110kv-220kv|220kv-300kv|
Application:|Transmission|Distribution|Railway|Pole line|
Packing:carte,crate with pallet,carton with pallet,carton
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Porcelain Longrod insulator is one of special porcelain insulators made of high strength alumina porcelain, can withstand continuous or changing mechanical electrical and thermal influences. Porcelain Longrod insulator has puncture- proof and is one of solid core insulator used in contamination areas. Superior dielectric and mechanical properties of Porcelain longrod insulators improve the reliability and stability of high voltage and extra high voltage transmission lines.



According to insulator standards, the main insulator technical data, insulator drawings and insulator code number for porcelain longrod insulator is as follow.

longrod insulators

Type LR-70 LR-70B LR-100 LR-160
Creepage distance/ protected creepage distance, mm 635/318 1000 3150 4500
Main dimension H, mm 381 550 1250 1480
D, mm 175 180 190 210
Tension strength, kN 70 70 100 160
Impulse withstand voltage, kV 125 250 550 650
Power frequency puncture voltage, kV 65 95 230 275
Standard coupling to IEC 120, coupling size, mm 16 16 16 19L
Net weight, each, approx., kg 9 15 38 54

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