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porcelain cutout insulator

Application:|Transmission|Distribution|Substation|Pole line|
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Cutout insulator is protection insulator, which is can protect the line circuit. The usage of cutout insulator is similar to fuse, also called fuse cutout insulator or drop-out fuse cutout insulator. Cutout insulator is line insulators normally used the small stations, if the voltage, current or power beyond the line operating data, the cutout insulator can disconnect the line. Cutout insulator is an important part of electrical systems to protect other electrical products.

Products features
Fuse cutout insulator used on type C cutouts are a red, sky-glaze gray and brown. The metal to metal leakage distance for fuse cutout insulator is on the 220mm, 320mm, 440mm, 660mm and 720mm.

porcelain cutout insulator       porcelain cutout insulator       polymer cutout insulator

According to insulator materials, fuse cut out insulator can be divided into
◆ Porcelain cutout insulator
◆ Polymer fuse cutout insulator

The features of cutout insulator
◆ Rated voltage: 10kV, 15kV, 24kV, 27kV, 33kV and 36kV
◆ Rated current: 100A, 200A, 300A
◆ Materials: silicone or polymer concrete insulators available or high aluminum porcelain materials
◆ Seacoast design
◆ Cutout / arrester combo
◆ Kick-out spring


Voltage levels
Single voltage rated porcelain cutout insulators can be applied on any single or three-phase system where line to line voltage does not exceed the cutout rating. Dual rated voltage fuse cut out insulator is suitable on single-phase circuits where maximum line-to-line ground voltages do not exceed the value shown to the left of the images.

Fuse cut out insulator can be used on medium voltage and low voltage transmission and distribution power lines with the transformer to protect the line circuit.

If the operating voltage beyond the rated voltage, the Fuse cut outs can drop out the lines.

Designed description
Fuse cutout insulator is designed in cylinder form. In the middle of the insulators, there is a hole to install the fuses. Fuse cut out insulator is filled of some especial materials or not filled with material, also belonging to insulator tube.

Fuse cutout insulator are installed with insulator end fittings used on overhead lines, also called fuse cutouts.

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