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The advantage of composite insulator
Source: Orient Group By Orient Power Posted: Jun 24,2015 Views: 86

composite insulator has many advantages than porcelain insulator, but it also has disadvantage. Please read the article you will know more.

Composite insulator becomes more and more popular all off the world. The main material of composite insulator is silicone rubber, so it determines it has lots of advantage than porcelain insulator.


composite insulators used in low temperature

1.Good mechanical properties, since it is made by reinforce fiberglass, so the strength is higher common porcelain insulator.
2.Good resistance to soiling and flashover, since composite insulator have hydrophobic properties, the water also Formation of water droplets on the surface when rain, so the flash voltage is very high.
3.Good resistance to corrosion, since the raw material is silicone rubber so it have good resistance to corrosion.
4.High efficiency operation.
5.Composite insulator have a good self-clean of storm, it don't product zero value insulator so it has high efficiency operation.
6.Lightening weight, composite insulator have a big advantage than glass or porcelain insulator so it is easier when installation it.
7.Excellent pollution performance

1.The price of composite insulator is higher than porcelain insulator
2.Since the raw material is silicone rubber so composite insulator have soft surface, so the sealing performance is easy to break when tough objects, result in decrease of insulation properties