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How about insulator quality in China?
Source: Orient Group By Orient Power Posted: Jun 24,2015 Views: 86

There are many insulators manufacturers, and in different areas the quality is different. You can know more about insulator quality in China by reading the article.

China has a big advantage on insulator manufacture, because of cheap labor.


Since there are various insulator type so different regions focus on different insulators in China, if you want to know something about insulator quality, I will show you a detail description of insulator products in China.

Porcelain/Ceramic insulators:

Porcelain insulator is a traditional insulator, different types insulator distribute in different area.
In the north of China
Shandong province focus on high strength and large creepage distance suspension insulator Dalian is famous insulator manufacturer in China, they focus on design high voltage insulator.
In the south of China
Hunan is good at supply hollow bushing insulator and post insulator, Jiangsu Nanjing insulator is also famous for glass insulator. Fujian is a province which supply insulator too, but it is only good at low voltage or medium voltage insulator like suspension insulator, pin type insulator, shackle insulator …..

Composite polymer insulator:

In the north of China
Hebei province is very famous because supplying Composite insulator, they have a long history on composite insulator manufacturer, so some of them like Hualing insulator factory have a high level quality.

In the south of China
Zhejiang and Jiangsu are the main area on composite insulator manufacturer. In China there are different quality of insulator, some have a lower price maybe combine with bad quality, so you should inspect carefully when you purchase insulator in China.

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